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Model, Amand Leemis in South Africa.

My professional modeling work of the past five years has led me on adventures around the world! I have been to Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, London, South Africa, Berlin, New York City, and Tokyo. The pressures of the modeling industry led me away from competition and into exploration of the new cities around me. Traveling alone as a single woman is a challenge in and of itself, but the kindness of strangers and emphasis on people rather than things is something that I discovered abroad. I felt encouraged never to let fear keep me from finding inspiration and understanding.

Growing up, the ballet world taught me to appreciate form, beauty, and grace. My time spent teaching dance to the children in the Vrygrond Township brought such light into my life! Not only did I get to meet some incredible kids, but they inspired me to jump back into illustration! Being able to work with my mom on our first children’s book, “My Hollydog” was such an awesome adventure!

Crafting one-of-a-kind works is what I love most. Just like no two people are alike, no two of my works are exactly alike, in fact, I sometimes intentionally make things a little less perfect to remind the viewer that life is messy. We all fall down, it's what we do with the failures that makes us who we are. 

Ninu Nina


Interview with Model

Turned Artist

Amanda Leemis


Interview by Contributing

Editor Daniela Selva

The Smart Explorateur

Interview Voyageur

Une Artiste inspirée par ses voyages

Par Johanna Varin


Van Der Plas Gallery

June 2020

New York City

The Ladies’ First Art Show at Coney Island Brewery

February 2020

Brooklyn, New York


Greenpoint Gallery Peoples' Choice Show 


Brookyln, New York

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